Prices do not include tax

Set of 3 accordion wallet books:This is a set of 3-3x3 hard cover books with cover color of your choice with 10 photos in it. Fits perfectly into purse. All books must have same images in them. Great gift for grandparents also! $54

Proof book: 4x6 spiral bound proof book with all images from session $50, may only be purchased after at least a $250 print order has been placed.

Story boards: Custom made story boards of your favorite images from your session, these can be ordered after a $200 order has been placed.

10x20 story board: $65

12x12 story board: $40

16x20 story board: $100

Cards: Birth announcements/event cards

5x7 customized double sided with envelopes $1.65 per card (minimum of 25 per order)

Please inquire for other specialized cards.


Gift cards are available for purchase in $50 denominations. Gift certificates are available for any amount or session. Call to purchase.